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Well. Things turned out all right.

That's starting to surprise me less, actually, when they do.

I don't know what this means for Vitya and me, if maybe someday we can be friends again. He and Isaev are friends.


Guess I'll find out, as time goes on.

But as far as me and Isaev go, things are good. Better than good. And I wouldn't trade that for anything.

[ profile] capt_kasya: "I'll do it," Kassian said.

He had been quiet while they'd talked about him as if he wasn't there. As if he were some piece of disputed property, and neither Isaev nor Vitya had managed to remember which one of them he'd belonged to, so they had simply shrugged and agreed to share him.

He looked at Viktor, who wasn't looking at him, and then looked at Isaev, who was. Kassian supposed he owed both of them penance, and if this was the way he had to pay it, he would.

There was a quiet and defiant part of him that burned lambent, where neither of them could see it, but he could feel it burn in his chest even as he walked over to where Isaev sat.

Kassian looked down at him first, and Isaev's gaze was still carefully shrouded in ice like a snowfall that capped green and living trees.

He dropped to one knee first, like a warrior before his king, but then settled with the other between Isaev's sprawled legs.

Kassian looked back at Viktor to make sure he was watching, catching the hooded flash of dark blue eyes before they narrowed.

He turned to Isaev again.

There were a lot of things he could have said, but he didn't, because like Vitya had pointed out, words meant less than actions.

He reached out then, but instead of reaching for Isaev's jodhpurs, Kassian took his arm, pulling the hand with the makeshift bandage of Isaev's wrapped shirt toward him.

Pushing back the material carefully, he bent his head and slowly licked at the half-dried blood, cleaning it from Isaev's fingers and between wounded knuckles.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei's eyes widened, as he felt the unexpected touch of warmth, caressing, and he looked down.

Irinarhov was laving his blood, sensually, as if it were nothing more than kissing.

"Oh god," he uttered, leaning back in the chair, eyes unable to look away.

It was erotic in the basest way he'd known.

His hand shuddered slightly, as the gentle touch of Kasya's tongue meandered between his knuckles, an erogenous zone he'd never imagined but now felt powerfully.


[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian paused.

He looked up at Isaev, licking his lips.

"Dasha," he murmured.

Kassian still held Isaev's hand in both of his own, and knelt quietly between Isaev's legs. His gaze was quiet too, a gentle searching.

As he looked up at Isaev he lowered his head again and stroked tongue over Isaev's knuckle, keeping his eyes locked with Isaev's. He let the touch of his tongue linger, soothing the edge of one of the tears in Isaev's skin.

He paused again.

"Your brother was right," he said, softly. "Your blood stains my lips."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei slowly raised the injured hand, and laid it against Kassian's rough cheek, thumb caressing the aforementioned lips.

"This is the third time I've bled for you," he whispered, and kissed him.

He faintly tasted copper and salt, but beyond that was the familiar, the taste of comfort and security, pleasure and brotherhood, and aching devotion.

The kiss was chaste at first but rapidly inflamed from the spark of its touch, and soon it was clear that any remaining animosity would burn away swiftly.

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian leaned up as he returned the kiss, one hand going to the back of Isaev's neck, the other resting lightly at his bare waist.

He could feel the pulse of Isaev's need radiating from him, flushing Kassian with warmth, twining their mutual hunger.

Kassian pressed closer. His body seemed to fit naturally against Isaev even in this position, flank to thigh, chest to shoulder.

He broke off for air but kept his face pressed close to Isaev's jaw, feeling the faintest prickle of stubble.

Kassian let his hands move to the fastenings of the black jodhpurs that Isaev wore, undoing them with deft fingers.

"It won't be the last time," he murmured.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei's eyes fluttered deliriously.

The ominous words caused him no distress.

He leaned back and let his boot-heels sprawl on the concrete, one hand loosely grasping the edge of the chair, one easing back into Kassian's hair, letting the coarse tendrils coil lovingly around his fingers of their own volition.

"Is this strange for you?" he murmured.

He shuddered as Kasya's fingers brushed him through the cotton of his shorts.

"I've never...with more than one person in the room."

Despite himself, he broke a smile.

"I don't think the other day counts. That was more being caught in the act than...on display."

[ profile] capt_kasya: "I don't have anything Vitya hasn't seen," Kassian said, and found that he really didn't mind. Maybe it was for that reason, or maybe it was because he was still a little drunk.

Or, he told himself, maybe it was because of what had happened with Liadov.

"I have to tell you something, though. There was a - "

He broke off.

"I had a..."

Kassian felt his face slowly flushing, and he voice ground out to silence, flustered.

"Something happened," he finally managed. "With Liadov."

Kassian winced.

"Not with Liadov. In Liadov's room."

He didn't want to meet Isaev's eyes but forced himself to look up anyway.

"I didn't touch anyone. And no one touched me," he added quickly. "But I...they were having sex and I..."

He cleared his throat.

"Got myself off," he finished, and his face felt very hot now. "I was drunk, and it had just gotten out of hand. I'm sorry, Dasha. I shouldn't have done it. But it just...happened."

Kassian paused a moment.

"But if it makes it any better...I didn't really enjoy myself."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev stared, then laughed out loud, the sound abrupt and ringing.

"Why would that make it better?" he mumbled. "If anything, that ruins it."

He shook his head, grinning.

"Kasya, Kasya, Kasya."

He sighed.

"Only you would flagellate yourself for enjoying life too much."

He closed his eyes again, easing his fingers against the sniper's recalcitrant scalp.

"Liadov and who?" he mumbled, after a moment. "Not that pathologist?"

[ profile] capt_kasya: The reluctant tension in Kassian's body released, and he relaxed against Isaev's leg. Somehow Isaev's amusement didn't surprise him, but he was glad for it nonetheless.

"No. Not Lieutenant Rakitin," Kassian said.

He shook his head.

"I don't know who he was. He..."

Kassian hesitated.

"He wore a balaclava the entire time. And Liadov had him tied up."

He tilted his head into the motion of Isaev's fingers, enjoying the simple touch. Kassian's hands were paused for now, resting lightly against Isaev's crotch.

Kassian still couldn't quite believe what had gone on in that room, even though he'd had advance warning about Liadov's predilections.

"Your friend is a little...kinky. To say the least."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: "A balaclava?"

Isaev was astonished, though not appalled.

"I had no idea he was like that...I mean...I suppose it follows. All the MENTS are a little, at least...well, Lasha is..."

He trailed the words off, abruptly.

"I've certainly seen the handcuff trick before," he restated, demurely. "I think they just get off on that."

Isaev leaned in, his smile dark.

"A little kinky, is he? Did he lick any blood off the guy?"

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian paused, then the corner of his mouth pulled into a slight but smug smirk.

"No. He didn't do that."

He ran his tongue over his lips again.

Kassian let his thumbs stroke Isaev's crotch, idly, toying with the hard bulge confined underneath his shorts.

"You've seen the handcuff trick? Or...?"

His brows went up, pointedly.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev looked at him, mock guardedly.


Then he looked straight at Kasya.


He arched slightly, into the light graze of Irinarhov's digits.

"Good thing Liadov didn't know what a twisted prick you are."

Andrei smiled, conspiratorily, and spoke in a hushed whisper.

"Tell me something, Kasya. Did you want to join them? Not with your honor, or your heart...but with your body?"

His cock had begun a tawdry ache that pleased him, like the taste of sharp roquefort on the tip of his tongue.

"Did you want to be tied down?"

[ profile] capt_kasya: Isaev's goading words stirred Kassian. It took only a look, or a whisper or even an errant touch from Isaev to prime him like this, to make his body yearn for more.

He even felt his groin tighten slightly, though he didn't know if he'd be able to come again. Once a night was easy enough for him, but he didn't always manage twice. Not that it mattered.

Kassian thought about what had happened in Liadov's room, and still found it confusing.

He shook his head.

"I never really enjoyed it, when a comrade touched me in the dark," he said, slowly. "And being with whores was...a little awkward. I don't think my body likes it much when my heart isn't involved."

His mouth tugged to the side, almost wry.

"Or my mind doesn't let my body enjoy it. I don't know. But I got myself off because it was sex and because I wanted to prove something to Liadov, I guess. But...I didn't want to be tied down. Not then."

Kassian played with the idea now, thought about the idea of being restrained. Liadov's lover had seemed to enjoy himself well enough.

"Not by Liadov," he added, and shot Isaev a pointed look.

He leaned in and let his hands slip inside the slit in Isaev's shorts, finally touching skin to skin, his fingers curling around Isaev's cock and pulling it out gently.

"I wouldn't mind you tying me down, though," he admitted.

He bent his head.

"My body wants a lot of things from you," Kassian murmured against the soft skin of Isaev's cock.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: "Did he offer?" hissed Andrei, relaxing into the attention of Kassian's mouth, satin against satin. "Is that how he made you stay? Tied you down against your will?"

He felt an edge coming out in him, but it was not an aggressive thing.

"Did he hurt you? Because...I'll kill him, Kasya."

He was serious, but it was essentially moot; he knew that Liadov had not brutalized Kassian.

In interrogations, Nika was the seductive voice of reason to Ilarion's cold condemnation. One reserved and mild, with a generous, distant face, the other ice-eyed and intense with detached contempt. God and the Devil, both equally far from man and indifferent to his pleading.

Amusing themselves in tug of war over men's souls, after which they would clap each other on the back, and break for cognac and caviar.

He did not pressure and evoke in the same way- though Andrei had no doubt Kasya, with his highly private nature, would take Liadov's brazen cajoling as more or an affront than he would a more forceful pursuer.

Succumbing to a man who didn't force your hand was complicity. It offered no way to conveniently absolve oneself of responsibility.

Irinarhov was already demonizing the MENT as culpable over the fact that he'd jacked off, as if Nika had been whimsically pulling tiny strings that enjoined his fingers.

Isaev smiled.

"I'll kill him, Kasya, if he restrained you. Forced himself on you. Hell, comrade- if he even touched you."

He cracked the knuckles that grazed Kassian's hair.

"I'll snap his neck."

[ profile] capt_kasya: "No, no," Kassian said quickly, startled.

He lifted his head and raised his eyes to Isaev's, meeting them urgently. His heart pounded at the low and understated violence that slid razorlike under Isaev's tone.

"God, no, Andrei. It was nothing like that. He wouldn't do that. He's a good man."

He shook himself, as if to shed the idea from his mind like a wet dog flinging water.

"No. It wasn't anyone but me that made the decision to stay. I could have gone at any time. He even said that to me. But ultimately, I chose to stay. I should have been stronger, but I wasn't."

Kassian knew he would carry the guilt over what had happened for a while, even though it didn't matter much to Isaev. That wasn't the point.

Still, it was hardly crippling. In the face of Isaev's furor over what Kassian had done to Vitya, this seemed minor.

He sighed and shook his head.

"But I was there for the wrong reason. If I had just wanted to have fun, that would have been one thing. But I felt like I had to prove something. That's not a good reason to do anything. But..."

He shrugged.

"I'm not perfect."

Kassian paused then, and reached up to touch the fierce line of Isaev's brow. His gaze gentled and his mouth tugged sideways.

"You can kill someone for me, someday, though. Some bastard who deserves it. I'd like to see that."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: "What did you prove?" murmured Andrei. "That you're not afraid. That's good."

He moved his hips slightly, rubbing the glans and shaft gently around the sniper's mouth, against his cheeks and chin, making a soft noise at the roughness of the stubble.

"I'll take care of him, Kashiushka. He won't bother you again."

Isaev still had trouble imagining his brother's friend engaging in anything so...visceral. Not to mention illicit.

He wondered if Ilarion knew about that side of Nika, or if that was part of why things had spiralled into hostility.

"And I'll take care of you, too."

The sentence was sweetly menacing.

[ profile] capt_kasya: "No," Kassian murmured, softly.

He opened his mouth, letting his lips slip over the head of Isaev's cock. He trapped it around his lips, sucking briefly, tongue caressing, following the contours.

He let it go after a few moments and licked down the shaft, wetting it, kissing and teasing, then dropping his head to nuzzle at the tight sac of muscle that hung lower.

"No," he murmured again, and licked at that soft skin. "I'll take care of you."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei laughed, distractedly.

His body had gone rigid, then pliant, as Irinarhov began to minister to him with his particular kind of priestly devotion, and now his fingers flexed in concert with the waves of sensation.

"And they say you're a decent sniper," he murmured. "Fuck."

In Isaev's opinion, it was an avocation.

He breathed out a noise between a sigh and a hiss.

"God, nobody sucks cock like you. Nobody."

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian made a pleased, rumbling murmur in the back of his throat.

It was true he had sucked a lot of cock before Isaev, though all of it was Vitya's. He'd had no idea that Isaev would appreciate the skills he'd learned to please Viktor, but he supposed that some things were universal.

He mouthed Isaev's balls, cupping them in his lips, sucking tenderly. He spent some time at that before letting his tongue trail wetly back up Isaev's cock from base to tip.

"I know a few things about finessing a shot," he said lightly before he closed his lips around the glans then dipped his head lower to fall into the rhythmic motion he knew well, and loved.

[ profile] leshovik: Viktor had finished his cigarette and decided not to smoke another, but instead grabbed the bottle and nursed it along.

He'd watched Kasya and Niotkuda interact for a while, only half-paying attention to their conversation. They were talking about people he didn't really know.

There was a tenderness between them that he enjoyed watching, though, the easy way they touched each other, the familiarity they shared.

He saw nothing guarded or uncertain in Kasya's body language. It was interesting to see that openness in a man he'd known to be more cautiously expressive.

Or was he only remembering when things were rough? Viktor though it was funny, how the mind did that, chose to remember the bad things far more vividly than the good.

Though maybe that was just him, he thought, frowning.

It didn't matter. Not right now. Maybe not anymore.

Out of half-lidded eyes, he watched, though given the angle, Viktor couldn't see the details, just the back of that head of thick black hair bobbing between Niotkuda's thighs. Somehow it was almost more erotic that way, to guess at what was hidden.

Vaguely, he wondered if Niotkuda were as endowed as Lynx.

Slowly, Viktor unzipped his jumpsuit all the way down, exposing naked chest and hips, freeing his thickening cock.

Since Kasya went slow, so did Viktor, stroking and ministering to himself almost idly, pacing himself with them, tightening his grip, then relaxing it.

There was a particular blissful expression lighting Niokuda's features that Viktor liked, the tilt of his head and the way his mouth parted.

They looked good together, Viktor thought. Somehow, he found it wasn't too hard to let the past go for the night, and just enjoy the aesthetic.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev rolled his hips gently, a counterpoint to Kassian's motions.

His eyes opened, watching Kasya, admiring him through half-lidded eyes.

"Kashiushka," he intoned, in a rough baritone, "I'm hard. I have you."

He paused, back arching slightly against the chair.

"Will you let me? In front of him?"

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian pulled back then, and lifted his gaze to Isaev's grey eyes, nodding with solemn devotion.

He sat on his haunches, letting his hands rest on Isaev's muscular legs, still tracing slow circles with his thumbs.

The taste of Isaev mingled with the faint memory of blood in his mouth. He licked his lips, savoring.

"Da," he whispered. "I want you. Take me while he watches."

It seemed the right thing to do, somehow, to let Vitya see him at his most vulnerable, naked, and submitting.

"How do you want me?"

[ profile] andrei_isaev: "Strip, Kasya," Isaev whispered, pushing him back gently at the shoulder with his fingertips.

"Strip your gear off. Your uniform. Strip for us, for me...for Viktor."

Andrei met his eyes, solemnly hungry.

"Then I'll take you, in front of him and god."

[ profile] capt_kasya: It was one thing to agree to it, Kassian thought. One thing to let a comrade's broad and hungry hands pull away his clothing and expose his naked flesh.

It was another, to do it himself.

He looked over his shoulder for the first time since after he'd knelt in front of Isaev, tracking up to the top bunk where Vitya sprawled.

The front of Vitya's jumpsuit was all the way open, and Viktor stroked himself, palm sliding along his length. When their eyes met, Viktor smirked at him, and shook his cock at Kassian as if making it wave.

Kassian scowled and turned back.

He thought he heard a dark chuckle behind him.

But Isaev was looking at him, eyes amused but still hungry, still wanting to see Kassian strip. Isaev looked utterly at ease, leaning back in his chair, even as his fully erect dick rose obscenely from under the split of his open fly. He seemed to have no problem with the idea of Vitya watching.

Kassian got back to his feet, wincing slightly at the faint ache that had come from kneeling on the barracks floor. He could feel his own arousal lightly pulsing between his legs, though, quiet but as steady as a heartbeat.

His gear was the easiest. He unbuckled his gunbelt casually, slipping it off his hips and slinging it around the chair. Standard procedure would have him stow his Makarov in the weapons locker but the Ocelots were not so formal, even though he usually was. For right now, he could let it slide.

Kassian paused, then, feeling strangely self-conscious, knowing that Viktor's eyes were on his back. Kassian liked stripping for Isaev, and he'd probably liked doing it for Vitya, too, at the time, though now he didn't recall.

He stepped back a little then, so both men could see him, though he stood far closer to Isaev.

Kassian tugged at his collar but then closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath, steadying himself, preparing for it.

Then Kassian brought his hands to the bottom of his black fatigue jacket, and imagined that his body was like his rifle. His touch was gentle and slow, settling on his hips, undoing the fastenings of his jacket, pulling it off and letting it fall to the floor.

Kassian arched his neck back as he pulled off his tel'nik, baring his his chest, feeling the the coldness of ambient air hit him, tightening his nipples.

He ran his hand down to his hips next, and opened his eyes to look over at Isaev, then undid his fly and pushed pants and shorts down without any more hesitation.

His cock was stirring, arcing against his thigh, though he was not fully aroused.

It was relatively simple matter to divest himself of his boots and step out of the rest of his clothing, until he stood naked in front of Isaev, Vitya, and god.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev exhaled.

"God, I love your fucking body."

He rose, almost as if propelled, shoving into Irinarhov's personal space, face to face, inhaling through his teeth.

Andrei circled him, slowly, admiring.

"Every scar is a beauty mark."

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian turned his head to follow Isaev's pace around him, gaze lowered, but every part of him aware and attuned.

Isaev's proximity made him respond on levels both more visceral and cerebral than the debauchery he'd been party to in Liadov's quarters.

There was sex and there was love, and there was sometimes both. It felt strange to think that both of the men he'd loved in his life were here now, in the same place at the same time. He was only periperhally aware of Vitya sitting back watching them, pleasing himself obscenely.

That wasn't as important as the man in front of him.

He regarded Isaev slowly.

"I love the way you smell after we've had sex," Kassian murmured. "I love the way I feel the air on my face when you walk past, but I can't hear your footsteps. I love the way you smile when you're talking about your brother."

Kassian reached out to brush the back of his hand against Isaev's arm.

"Inconsequential things," he said with a shrug. "But I love them all."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev came up behind Irinarhov, grasping him with broad hands at hip and chest.

"Such things you say," he intoned, in a silvery whisper.

He slid his hand upward, over Kasya's hard pectoral and under his chin, tilting his jaw up and holding his throat.

"Do you love my cock?"

Andrei paused to inhale the faint scent of the sniper's dark locks at the temple, slowly.

"Do you love it when I fuck you?"

He pressed his bare chest and groin against Kassian's back and buttocks, reveling in the utter nudity of his comrade's state.

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian's back arched and he shivered in Isaev's grasp.

He loved that too, the feeling of being utterly at another man's power, trapped by the strength of his hands and the cage of his body. Kassian loved the knowledge that Isaev could snap his neck if he wanted, but caressed his throat instead.

"I love your cock," he murmured. "Feeling you high and hard inside me, penetrating me."

Kassian brought up his arms to stroke Isaev's, to run his hands along his skin. The one hand was still half-wrapped, covered by Isaev's bloodstained shirt.

He touched that arm more gently but still felt along the cloth to caress with his fingertips. He was coming to know Isaev's body like the contours of his rifle, expecting each dip and bulge of muscle.

Kassian arched again, rubbing his bare ass against the front of Isaev's jodhpurs, shivering at the hardness he encountered.

"Fuck me, Dasha," he growled, low. "I love it."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei raised his gaze, stroking Kassian's body slowly, firmly.

And it fell on Viktor, jacking off idly, his eyes fixed and rapt.

"There," he breathed, against Kasya's neck. "Grab the top bunk with your hands. Present yourself, criminal."

The words might have been coarse and ruthless, but the commission of them was laced with intimacy.

"I'll fuck you standing, like a prisoner."

Isaev turned his head with a forceful hand and kissed his mouth, hard.

"Like I should have done that day at the range."

[ profile] capt_kasya: Isaev's words made Kassian shudder. He remembered that day at the range, when they'd played at captured sniper and guardsman. Isaev had manhandled him with loving force and made him hard and hungry for the game.

He turned back as Isaev released him and planted his hands on the upper bunk, bracing himself on tensed arms.

Isaev's weight forced him to stand wide. Kassian was strong, back and arms textured with tensed muscle that rippled under skin only slightly loosened with age, but even if he'd wanted to resist, Isaev was strong and heavy enough hold him in place.

Kassian let out a low noise like a growl, halfway between resentment and desire.

He kept his head down, but was aware of Vitya in the bunk above him, breathing jagged but light. Vitya gasped with a slight hissed intake of air.

This close, Kassian could also hear the sound of Viktor stroking himself, flesh sliding against flesh.

Behind him, Isaev's breath was hot against the back of his neck.

Kassian shuddered.

"You sick fuck," he whispered. "Do it."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev slicked himself, but sparingly.

The resistance was what made it feel visceral and real. A dash of pain, like a spice- no more. Just to hint at the experience of being taken in rough straits. On the battlefield, in a cell, or against a bombed out wall.

"You're lucky I had this handy," he said, voice low and guttural.

He let Irinarhov feel his cock, prehensile and seeking, menacing his entry with intent, as he leaned in, laying his mouth beside the sniper's ear.

"Otherwise, I'd have taken you...dry."

His mouth caressed the word like honey and grit.


Isaev spread his thighs outward obscenely as he crouched, touching his aching cock lightly, to guide it home.

Then he pushed, roughly, brutally, with his hips, forcing himself into Kasya's body like a staff parting an apprehensive sea, settling hilt-deep on the first contact.

The resistance of Irinarhov's flesh was powerful on that first penetration, and Andrei snarled out an unpretty curse, head falling forward, hair swathing his eyes in visionless blond.

"This is what we do to men like you," he whispered, thickly. "Khokol."

[ profile] capt_kasya: The noise that issued from Kassian's lips as he felt the penetration was both a sob and a breathless curse.

He heard Vitya gasp.

Kassian tensed, his body tightening around the ruthless, adamant intrusion that speared deep inside tender flesh.

"Fuck," he bit out, defiant, voice low and swollen with lust. "That's nothing."

He bore down viciously on Isaev's cock, shuddering.

Kassian was breathing hard and raggedly now, sweat rising at the back of his neck, hands clenched on the upper bunk rail.

"It takes more than a pretty rich boy to make me feel it."

He hissed between clenched teeth.

"You can do better than that."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei shuddered, feeling Kasya bear down.

"Go ahead, you Ukrainian trash," he whispered. "Fight. You'll make it all the sweeter. I listen to you, and you sound like a girl in love. You sound like you like it, you twisted fuck. You black-eyed villain.""

His hand shot up to brace against the upper rail beside Irinarhov's, and the other gripped the post of the bunk for leverage.

Isaev gave a sharp oblique kick, knocking Kassian's legs apart, the commission abrupt and timed to unsettle.

The sniper's legs now staggered even more indecently wide.

"I'll show you pretty," he breathed, harshly, and began to fuck Kasya with punishing thrusts, throwing weight and torque behind them.

He could feel the reaming, the pounding, unrelenting invasion of foreign flesh in native soil, battering the gates of nature.

[ profile] capt_kasya: Isaev fucked him, ruthless and rough.

Kassian's breath tore away with a gasp, and he was swept into the deep and driving rhythm Isaev set, propelled by strength and momentum.

"You're the one who loves it."

With every remorseless jerk of Isaev's hips, Kassian's body arced taut, tightening, the violence searing white-hot behind his eyes.

Kassian rode Isaev hard, the strain making him shake as they moved, together now, faster and harsher, but with mutual need.

He surrendered to the onslaught of Isaev's cock, utterly unable to resist.

"You sick fuck," he grated out.

His body was no stranger to Isaev's brutality, but it still took away his breath every time.

[ profile] leshovik: Viktor was sprawled across the bunk, thighs parted, jumpsuit unzipped to the crotch, cock pulsing against his palm.

His breath went ragged as he watched them together, the hand on his cock temporarily slowing, then stilling. Neither Kasya nor Niotkuda looked at him, but he still felt a deep erotic charge as they fucked.

He couldn't even see everything, just the top of Kasya's head and his straining shoulders, Niokuda pumping fiercely behind him. It was brutal and rough, but also somehow beautiful, that kind of surrender and trust.

It was different, Viktor realized.

What Kasya and Niotkuda had was fundamentally different than what he and Kasya had shared, and he didn't know why.

They were playing at something dark, but it felt tempered by an underlying harmony. Both of them wanted it, and in equal parts, he realized.

Part of him wanted to urge Niotkuda on, to murmur something like harder, but it wasn't his game, so he held his tongue and closed his eyes, following their harsh breathing and low gasped words.

Leshovik started to stroke himself again, working himself harder, much less idly now and far more intent. He was aching and in need of release, brimming but not quite there yet.

Letting his strokes grow firmer and quicker, he let his eyes drift open after a few moments so he could watch them anyway, and his rhythm fell in line with theirs.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Irinarhov's retort didn't faze Andrei.

"You're right, I do love it," he breathed, tauntingly. "It's the best part of the job. Call it a fringe benefit," he hissed.

He'd been keeping his hands off Irinarhov's cock to prolong the ache and steep the need, but now he seized it hard and held it in his fist.

"You're in luck, khokol," he whispered, with a coarse laugh. "I'm going to give you a reach-around. Most wouldn't."

Isaev felt Kassian's hard-muscled body working against his own, in defiant counterpoint, and it spurred him into overdrive.

"Do you want it?" he snarled, softly, breath hitching. "Tell me you want it."

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian shuddered.

He struggled then, bucking as if to throw Isaev off, but Isaev was strong and felt impossibly muscular, easily holding Kassian fast.

Kassian was trapped in his arms and speared by Isaev's cock, held captive by the relentless driving motion of their bodies.

The hand suddenly clenched around Kassian's dick made him feel like a hand was pressed around his throat, and he shivered at all that strength tightened around something so vital.

"Give it to me," he snarled.

In Isaev's palm, Kassian's prick was hard, seeping and wanting with a deep and pulsing fervor.

"Give it to me hard, you bastard."

His shoulders shook, and Kassian felt like he would come apart.

"I - "

He broke off, and swallowed the last word.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: "You what?" whispered Isaev in a dark hush, relenting, easing up on his thrusts, going slow and deep, with a punishing shove at the end of each motion.

His hand began to stroke Kasya off, excruciatingly slow and hard, with a manacled grip.

Fucking him with exquisitely tender violence, revolving his hips close.

"You want something, criminal? You want to come in my hand? Come with my Russian cock up your Ukrainian ass?"

Andrei's voice dropped to a low thrum, as he felt the pleasure mounting in his own loins.

"Da, you do," he crooned, darkly. "You do, Black Eyes."

[ profile] capt_kasya: "You come in my Ukrainian ass," Kassian growled. "You know you want it."

His hands tightened around the rail to hold himself fast, bearing the weight and inexorable quickening of Isaev's motion, still bearing down and thrusting back, giving as good as he was getting.

"All the other pretty blond boys like you can't take it like this."

He let out a laugh then, a single harsh rasping sound.

"You're so fucked up, you need a khokol to fuck. You'd scare off anyone else."

Kassian shuddered, but held himself back, even as he felt his body spiraling toward orgasm, determined not to come first.

"Come, you slaboyob," he bit out, "Mark me with your seed so you can find me again next time you need to get off."

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Isaev gasped out a rough laugh.

"Fucking miscreant," he exclaimed. "Don't lie. You like taking it from me. What a sick fuck you are, to like being force-fucked by the enemy. You like my pretty blond hair. You like my hard prick. You can spit at me all you want- your body wants to come."

Perspiration slicked his grasp, and he regripped Kasya's chest with renewed vigor and switched his angle to center his jabs on the sweet spot he knew would heighten Irinarhov's experience.

"Your mind might hold out, but your body is mine, and I'm having you," Andrei vowed, sneering. "I should have my comrade up there shove his cock in your mouth."

His blood ran hot, and his eyes were hectically bright, lit by the rage of inner fires.

"Surrender, you degenerate fuck. Show me what a twisted animal you are, you fucking Ukrainian beast. You can't fight nature, and I have all night, you deviant son of a bitch."

Now he was fucking Kasya mercilessly, battering him between his cock and his stiff, pumping arm.

"Come on my cock, you bastard. Come for your enemy."

[ profile] capt_kasya: The dirty words shot straight to Kassian's groin, every one sharp and shocking as a punch to the heart.

Trapped between friction and the relentless pistoning of Isaev's cock, Kassian snarled, wordless, half-feral with lust.

He was a beast who knew only instinct, and his body surrendered to the raw and wanton rutting. With every brutal thrust, his body gave, shot forward and back, all coiled muscle and sweat, trembling on the edge of climax.

With a sharp jerk, heat rose and broke from him, tore away like a scream.

His body convulsed hard enough to rock the bunk, hips jerking as orgasm took him.

Kassian shot and splattered liquid heat with a savage howl, muscles shaking like he'd touched live wires.

His vision caved and went black around the edges, and he shuddered, flooded with exquisite pleasure.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: When Kasya came, it rocked Andrei through and through, like a blow to his foundation.

It was beautiful to behold- unrestrained and primal, the rigor and quake and shudder, the sound and the bombast. His lover's body, never so strong and vital than when violent with sexual seizure.

Isaev let out an ascending and barbaric cry of triumph, gripping down hard.

He surged forward one last time, embedding his length and shooting off hard in the tightness of muscles still contracting in orgasmic bliss.

Blinding pleasure, and glorious release, slick and upright. Warm and sultry in the wake of the fire.

Isaev's head fell back, eyes closed, lips parted and edged with a perfect crescent of white teeth, moaning languidly, rolling his hips and shoulders.

Luxuriating in the aftershocks and lingering glow.

Hands resting tenderly and fiercely on his lover's body, never more vulnerable than now, in the moments that followed surrender.

[ profile] leshovik: It was both shocking and erotic and Viktor almost didn't know if what he was watching was some kind of bizarre lovers' game, or serious expression of aggression and anger.

Both, he thought then, faintly.

The raw brutality of their climaxes almost frightened him and Viktor realized that this had always been in Kasya, violence and love intermingled like chum in the water.

That last night in Hungary had been no fluke but instead some kind of dark beginning.

He was not the man for Kasya, Viktor knew even more keenly now. He had never been. It took someone like Niotkuda, who apparently had his own demons, to match the savagery that brimmed under the surface in Kasya.

This was not for Viktor, but yet he found it undeniably erotic, felt something halfway between the breathless thrill of voyeurism and acute relief to know that all those years ago, Viktor hadn't been weak, but he'd actually had a beast for a lover.

Viktor's orgasm was near-silent, just a shudder of breath and a deep rush of heat.

He was shaking as much as they were as the rush washed over him, and he lay there gasping quietly. He couldn't take his eyes off them but at the same time he found what he saw strangely beautiful. Somehow the undercurrent between Niotkuda and Kasya shifted and became tender.

He breathed out softly and watched them, his hand on his cock easing, quietly fascinated by what he was seeing.

[ profile] capt_kasya: Kassian sagged in Isaev's arms, slumping heavily against the bunk, tremoring in the aftermath, muscles slack and utterly spent.

His breathing quieted slowly and he grew aware of the firm but loving embrace that encircled his chest and caught around his waist.

Isaev, holding him like he'd split Kassian apart and now pulled back him together.

Kassian's body was sheened and utterly supple, flushed with warmth and receding adrenaline. His hair clung to his forehead in wavy spikes like it did when he'd just taken a shower.

He turned his head to the side, regarding Isaev behind him, out of one eye.

Isaev's hair was wild and plastered as well, the paleness of his eyes both framed and half-hidden by those long strands of tawny blond hair. He looked somehow younger that way, Kassian thought, one side of his mouth curving up slowly.

"Like the poets, Dasha," he murmured behind him.

[ profile] andrei_isaev: Andrei kissed the side of Kasya's neck, absently, still savoring the taste of the act, both holding him close and holding him up.

"Da," he replied, softly. "I know."

He was still breathing slightly heavily, and his limbs felt light and weightless with exertion fatigue.

"You temper me, Kassian."

Isaev's eyes sought his in solicitude.

"Lie with me?"

[ profile] capt_kasya: "Da," Kassian said, and gave a small nod.

"I'd like nothing better."

He wanted to touch Isaev's temple, to kiss his lips, but their current arrangement nearly kept him from moving as his body cooled and he relaxed against the upper bunk drowsily.

Kassian shifted slightly to test his ability to stand long enough to crawl into bed. He could tell he would ache tomorrow but in the very best way.

Both of them would, he thought, idly.

"Take me to bed, Lieutenant."
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