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Birthdate:Mar 27
Website:The Groznyj Grad Living Novel
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Name: Kassian Dmitrievich Irinarhov

AKA: Kasya, "The Kestrel"

Rank: Captain (formerly Major,) Ocelot Tactical Unit, Spetsnaz GRU

Gender: Male

Age: 42, born in Kiev on January 5, 1922

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 175.26 cm (5'9")

Weight: 72.72 kg (160 lbs.)

Blood Type: B+

Identifying scars or marks: 10 cm long scar on topside of left forearm; multiple shrapnel scars across right flank and buttocks; 5 cm long scar at left temple, hairline, very faint.

Service record: Joined Red Army in 1939, received specialized sniper training in 1940. Participated in several major engagements throughout the war, including defense of Stalingrad and occupation of Berlin. Earned the nickname, "The Kestrel" for his above average distance vision and accuracy. Recruited to Spetsnaz in 1945, continuing in role of sniper in operations throughout Europe and Asia. Gained rank of Major and awarded honors throughout his career, including the Order of Lenin. Punitive action taken in 1963 due an incident that resulted in the death of a fellow officer; demoted to Captain.

Career kills: 229 confirmed kills. (He claims 228.)

Combat proficiency: Skilled marksman, high stealth and survival skills, passable hand-to-hand aptitude.

Psychological profile: Reticent, retiring, lack of sociability, though is a loyal citizen and displays above-average intelligence and literacy.

Language skills: Fluent in German, passable English, rudimentary Mandarin.

Leadership skills: Barely adequate leadership skills and general lack of competence at instruction; best in field.

Interests (26):

being a bastard, being a sneaky bastard, being an asshole, brash lieutenants, breathing, classic literature, cleaning your gun, cleaning your gun thoroughly, distance, good eyes, guns, infinite patience, instinct, lifers, lying in wait, mosin-nagant sniper rifles, patience, pulling the trigger, reading, really big guns, snipers, sniping, spetsnaz, spotters, squeezing the trigger, steady hands
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